Private Storage
No Monthly Fees
Access Anywhere
Auto Backup
Multi-Device Access
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Funded $83,633 USD in total by 555 backers

A large capacity network HDD for your family to share

Smart Home Data Center

1000GB HDD

40 million px photos

720p TV Shows

30M musics

2M documents

Never Been This Easy to Use

No need carry, no need input complex password, no need login website.
Easy to store and share files via CatDrive.

No need to carry.
Store and share anywhere.

Farewell to complex “Password”.
Login via verification code.

No need to login website.
Store and share by app.

No need of expert guidance.
3 steps to set up.

Watch the video

Complete Security
5 advanced technologies guarantee

Safer than Cloud, smarter than hard drive.
Keep your sensitive files private. No worry photos lost.
Separate individual account, invisible to others.
No worry password be stolen or forgotten.
Built-in 1TB shockproof & ultra-silent HDD.

Independent Spaces
Shockproof & ultra-silent HDD
Store in Local
Auto Backup

Save more money

No monthly fees, family sharing, best in class.

Charges for a Family
(4 members)
Full Scree
Multi-user Independent
CatDrive $149 Forever
Google Drive $398/Year($99.5X4)
NAS $956($239X4)
Hard Drive $219.6($54.9X4)

CatDrive App
Store and Share Freely

User-friendly Interface.
Upload photos and videos to CatDrive anytime.
Feast your eyes on Photo Roll and full-screen photo.
Super file viewer, click to view.
Innovative features of Share Circle, auto backup, share on social app.

Auto backup the photos on
your phone. No worry photos lost

Rapidly back up tons of photos and videos to CatDrive.
Auto backup to the latest photos, no more worries about photos lost.

A Private “Share Circle”
Share precious moments with your family

Your family’s photos and videos should only be shared in “Share Circle”.
No limitation of sharing numerous or large files. Real-time notifications.
The share feed will never expire or be blocked, the phone’s memory not occupied.
Share photos with your loved ones!

Multi-device access, access anywhere

Whether you are travelling, working or staying home,
access data in CatDrive using your phone, computer, tablet
and even TV with an Internet connection.
A better visual experience to display photos on TV.

Make work better

Fast sync and share documents anywhere even big files via CatDrive, work anywhere.

A Masterpiece of Design

Rubber painting craftsmanship. Matte texture surface.
Metal ring inlaid on top, CNC cutting technology.
LED logo indicator in 3 colors.

High Performance

With Marvell dual-core processor and the Gigabit Ethernet port, CatDrive is able to
transfer or watch videos online stablely and fast.
CatDrive is a shockproof and ultra-silent 2.5-inch hard drive that of 1TB capacity
and its native SATA interface ensures incredibly fast read and write.

CatDrive in Your Home

Make your personal data safe. Make your family intimate. Make your work better.

Store your memory
for a lifetime
Share photos
with your families
Share files
with your colleagues
Automatically back up photos
from your phone
Record priceless moments
of your kids growth
View photos from your phone
on TV
Work anywhere
Share on social media
CatDrive is showing at CES 2018 and has drew keen attention from influential media, such as BBC, Fox News and Mashable.


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